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1. What is your current monthly income? $
2. What is the cost of the house you're considering buying? $
3. How much money have you saved that you can apply to the house and related costs right away (your disposable savings)? $
4. How much would it cost to replace the house in case of a disaster? $
5. If you've already been approved for a loan, how much were you approved for? $
7. At what interest rate? %
8. For how many years? years
9. What appliances will you need to purchase before you can live in the house? Washing Machine
Small Kitchen Appliances (blender, toaster, microwave, etc.)
10. If repairs need to be done to the house immediately, about how much will they cost? $
11. Will you need to rent or hire a moving van or truck?
12. How much do you plan to spend on furniture after you move into the home? $
13. Do you have any lease or rent obligations that you need to continue after you purchase this house? $ / month for more months
14. How low does the temperature get in the winter? degrees Fahrenheit
15. How high does the temperature get in the summer? degrees Fahrenheit
16. What is the square footage of the house? sq. feet
17. About how much precipitation does the area around the house receive?
18. What kind of heating system does this house use?
19. How old is the water heater? years
20. How old is the furnace? years
21. Have you had the home inspected yet?
22. Select a nickname for this house. It will be displayed towards the top of the report so that when it is printed, you can easily distinguish between several reports.

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